Setting the record straight on social media baseless rumour.

Contrary to the unsubstantiated rumour making rounds on social media that some antimalarial products were banned in Europe because they cause kidney failure or damage. The drugs are not known to cause that and they are ORAL MONOTHERAPIES which ARE NOT the recommended medicines for treatment of UNCOMPLICATED MALARIA in Nigeria and many other countries just because WHO and the ministry of health here have moved beyond single or monotherapy to combination therapy for better treatment and management of malaria .

The recommended combination medicines for malaria in Nigeria are Artesunate + Amodiaquine (AA), Artemether + Lumefantrinr (AL) e.g Lonart and Sulphadoxine Pyrimethamine (SP), which are also the WHO recommended combinations.

The European Medicines Agency’s website was searched and it was established that:
* Artesunate is used in combination with Amodiaquine.

*Artemether is used in combination with Lumefantrine.

*Pyrimethamine is used in combination with Sulphadoxine.

*Proguanil is used in combination with other active pharmaceutical ingredient in Atovaquone.

* Halofantrine is recommended by WHO for use in area where multiple drug resistance Plasmodium falciparum malaria is prevalent.

The claim of Itodje Okiemute Godstime and any other person in respect of poisoning and kidney failure has no clinical or scientific backing.

Taking a deep, clear and good look at the mischievous write up you will see that he is talking of mono therapies , a state which Nigeria has already passed.

In actual fact, all those monotherapies are currently being used in combination with each other or other antimalarials not listed amongst them to give proper coverage and cure of the malaria not because they are harmful but because of the power of synergy to combat malaria .

We only wonder Why should anybody circulate very old information in a malicious manner ? What is the purpose? Why mention brand names and not just the generic names unless there is more to it?

It is even surprising to see scientists join in the spread of such beer parlour gist without questioning it or asking for a verifiable source of the information . We as scientists must think scientifically and PHARMACEUTICALLY. We are above such beer parlour discussions


* Guidelines for the treatment of Malaria, 3rd Edition, Geneva, World Health Organization, 2015.

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* Nigeria National Antimalarial Treatment Policy, February, 2005.

* https//www.ema.europa/ema/index.jsp?curl-pages/me

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